Kid's Gym Franchise

Ninja Parc is a place to play! As one of Australia’s largest kid's gym franchise, it attracts hundreds of thousands of individuals and families.

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Along with the many users who regularly enjoy Ninja Parc through casual play passes, Ninja Parc also boasts experiences, like birthday parties and school programs. There’s also a crowd of members who participate in weekly classes. Combined, this equates to an ongoing, consistent source of revenue. Read More

Kids Gym Franchise Opportunities

Are you looking for a kids' gym franchise opportunity that’ll allow you to inspire kids and families to get moving and have fun? If so, Ninja Parc may have the perfect opportunity for you.

Ninja Parc is one of Australia’s largest indoor obstacle course providers; attracting thousands of visitors each and every week.

The large-scale course features over 20 obstacles of varying height, length and challenge, making Ninja Parc accessible and fun for kids and adults of all ages and abilities.

Ninja Parc can be experienced in many ways, including casual play passes, birthday parties or school holiday programs; making Ninja Parc the go-to place for entertainment and recreation.

There are also kids, teens and adults’ memberships for those who want to experience Ninja Parc weekly.

Kids Gym Business for Sale Has Multiple Streams of Revenue

One of the great things about running a Ninja Parc franchise is that there are several streams of income that you can take advantage of. These include:

  • Kids and adults casual play passes
  • Kids experiences – these could be birthday parties, school-based programs or holiday programs
  • Training memberships for kids, teens and adults
  • Races
  • Revenue from the café
  • Revenue from merchandise

This multifaceted approach means you never have to rely on one stream of income. You may have a constant stream of revenue from the kids and adults training memberships, which can then be topped up by the other modes of income.

Support is Always There for You to Succeed With Your Kids Fitness Business Franchise

It can be daunting starting a business, but with a Ninja Parc franchise, support is never far away. We will be there to help from the very beginning.

From finding the perfect property to launch day, support will be there to make sure your Ninja Parc centre is successful from day one.

Even when you are up and running, we are still there to help. We make sure to take care of the business side of things so that our franchisees are able to focus on their passions. You will not need to worry about marketing, accounts, or payroll because they will be all taken care of for you!

Start Inspiring Others Today!

Establishing a kids’ fitness business franchise with Ninja Parc is a great way to start inspiring kids and adults of all ages and abilities to get up and get moving. By getting everyone involved, kids can learn from the adults they look up to that exercise can be fun, and anyone can do it!

The start-up costs for establishing and running a Ninja Parc franchise will depend on the size of your location but will begin at around $600,000. With this investment, you will receive support from the beginning and be able to benefit from Ninja Parc's multifaceted business model for an ongoing, consistent source of revenue.

If the kids gym business for sale sounds like the opportunity for you, learn more by downloading our free prospective franchisee information booklet or you can get in contact with us today via our website for more information about this and other gym businesses for sale in Australia! Read Less

  • Kids and adult casual play passes
  • Kids experiences, including parties, holiday programs and school-based programs
  • Ongoing kids and adult group training memberships
  • Cafe revenue
  • Merchandise revenue


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