Ninja Parc Athletic 18+ years


Change the way you move with Ninja Parc Athletic!
Athletic is the perfect way to build confidence on the course whilst also improving your fitness and strength. Develop speed, agility and coordination as you enhance your performance.

Unleash your Inner Ninja!

What you can expect

With regular Ninja Parc Athletic classes, you can expect to:

  • Learn and develop technique
  • Improve fitness and sports performance
  • Achieve a full body workout
  • Strengthen and tone
  • Learn beginner parkour skills like rolls and vaults to improve your agility
  • Conquer new obstacles and develop confidence on the course
  • Improve mobility, flexibility, and overall movement
  • Develop your fitness and friendships
  • Get moving in an invigorating and social environment suitable for all ability levels
  • Includes unlimited access to both classes and free play.

Ninja Parc Athletic Classes

Warrior Ninja Parc
Obstacle based conditioning
Beginner parkour skills
Strong Ninja Parc
Bodyweight strength
Freestyle Ninja Parc
Freestyle obstacle training
Burn Ninja Parc
High intensity conditioning
Stretch Ninja Parc
Mobility and flexibility

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