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If you are looking for a gym for sale in Sydney, you might be wondering how you can make your offering stand out in a saturated market. With so much focus on health and wellbeing, there seems to be a new gym opening every week – so what can you do to help improve the health of your community? A Ninja Parc franchise is an ideal gym business for sale in Sydney that combines fun and fitness for everyone and could be the answer you are looking for.

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Created in 2016 by John Pirlo, Ninja Parc is an indoor obstacle course that takes inspiration from the American Ninja Warrior TV series and the rising popularity of obstacle course races. In a uniquely accessible format, Ninja Parc is a safe, fun and challenging way to improve the health, fitness and wellbeing of your community.

Ninja Parc – Gym For Sale In Sydney

With more than 20 obstacles that are continuously being researched, changed and adapted, each club offers Casual Play, classes for children and adults, personal training and Parkour lessons, children’s parties and corporate events – so there is an ever-changing line-up of income streams – a solid investment for anyone looking for a fitness business for sale in Sydney. Read More

What Can I Expect Buying a Ninja Parc Gym & Fitness Business for Sale In Sydney?

With a Ninja Parc franchise, you get a gym business for sale within Sydney area, that combines excitement and fitness with multiple income streams – and full support from our team.

Our franchise support team can help you from sourcing the right location, designing the perfect building footprint, making use of our launch team to help with marketing, full safety training for staff, payroll and accounts all taken care of… leaving you to fully enjoy the new lifestyle that a franchise can offer.

Creating a gym business in Sydney is easy when you have the backing of the Belgravia Group. With over 100 Belgravia Health and Fitness franchises, including Genesis Health and Fitness and the newly acquired Jump! Swim Schools, the Belgravia Group know how to help franchisees make the most of their investment and increased ROI. The multiple income streams that can be found inside a Ninja Park franchise makes it simple for you to make money – and improve the health and fitness of your community at the same time.

We offer as much (or as little) support as you need, taking charge of safety for your peace of mind, developing new obstacles and implementing outstanding training so that every employee is able to provide the services that you want to offer. We offer additional training to our franchisees so that they can offer our safety training in-house, too.

How many gyms for sale in Sydney cater for so much of the population in an exciting way that really stands out against the crowd?

Ninja Parc Fitness Business For Sale Near Sydney Has Something For Everyone

When we say that Ninja Parc is inclusive, that is exactly what we mean. We combine safety, fun and fitness in a way that makes it accessible for the whole family. Children under 8 must be accompanied on the course by an adult – and that is an ideal way to get parents and guardians to experience the excitement of a ninja playground for themselves.

Casual Play opens the course to everyone for an hour – and those that love it can be transformed into members and then take advantage of fitness classes, kid’s classes and personal training options. Children can make their birthdays memorable with a party, and even the adults can enjoy corporate events that are ideal for team building. So many options for so many people – so speak to us today if you are looking for a gym for sale in Sydney. We'll be happy to provide you all the information you need about our indoor play centre franchise. Read Less

  • Kids and adult casual play passes
  • Kids experiences, including parties, holiday programs and school-based programs
  • Ongoing kids and adult group training memberships
  • Cafe revenue
  • Merchandise revenue

Tour Ninja Parc

Take a virtual tour of Ninja Parc and open the door to an exciting world of adventure and entrepreneurship. As you navigate through the immersive experience, you'll gain firsthand insight into the dynamic and engaging environment that sets Ninja Parc apart. Picture yourself as a franchise owner, in the driver's seat of a thrilling business venture. You'll explore cutting-edge obstacle courses, adrenaline-pumping challenges, and vibrant training spaces that appeal to all ages and fitness levels.

One size doesn't fit all

We understand that one size doesn't fit all. That’s why we created three franchise models, allowing you to find something that suits both your financial and operational needs. Each includes an obstacle course, class spaces and amenities, with a capacity range of 40 - 100.



Approx. starting capital $950,000
(min. cash required - $400k)

From sourcing the property to allocating a project team to help in your launch, we work to ensure every new Ninja Parc club receives the very best start for success.

Our team of specialist in-house marketers work with you to manage your design, advertising and marketing activities upholding the value of the Ninja Parc brand.

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Approx. starting capital $600,000
(min. cash required - $300k)

Delivering the full Ninja Parc experience with a few less bells and whistles. Our 600sqm model allows you to offer the same popular products and programs in half the space.

This model is perfect for those wanting a full-service center with a little less operational requirement.

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Approx. starting capital $450,000
(min. cash required - $225k)

With a focus on kids' classes, our 300sqm model allows you to focus more of your energy in one direction. Think gymnastics centre with added revenue from Ninja Parc birthday parties and casual products.

This model is perfect for those who love the concept but aren’t ready to take on the financial or operational requirements of a larger site.

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Frequently asked questions

Our dedicated franchise support services aim to take away the day-to-day administration processes, allowing you to concentrate on servicing your members.

  • Project Management
    • We will guide you throughout the entire process of setting up your business from the build and fit out to the implementation of systems and back of house operations setup.
  • Property Team
    • Our property team offers assistance in securing a site, negotiating rental conditions and will work with you to submit council applications.
  • Marketing
    • Our Marketing team manage digital advertising, national marketing campaigns, PR, member communications, and design assets. We streamline the process via a centralized platform to ensure efficiency and that your club’s marketing assets uphold the professionalism of the Ninja Parc brand.
  • Pre-Sales Support
    • We will implement pre-sales strategies and guide you along the way to ensure a successful launch of your new business alongside strong community and brand awareness.
  • Regional Business Manager and National Ninja Master
    • Our Regional Business Manager will work with you to prepare facility specific business plans to optimise business strategy and performance. Our National Ninja Master will support recruitment, training and development of course programs.
  • Equipment Provider
    • Our equipment suppliers include Novofit and Highgate which supply all of our equipment needs nationally.
  • Procurement
    • We will manage competitive supply agreements for utilities, telecommunications, cleaning, retail, repair and maintenance needs.
  • Information Technology
    • We have a dedicated team of engineers who deliver IT maintenance, cloud hosting, website monitoring, virtual host management backups, DR, SQL maintenance and support to our facilities nationally.
  • WHS
    • Through online systems we will assist you in managing incident reporting, WHS auditing, staff inductions and WHS training.

The following specific requirements to become a Ninja Parc franchisee are necessary:

  1. Adequate capital: Franchisees will need to have sufficient capital to cover the initial franchise fee, as well as the costs of setting up and running the business.
  2. Business experience: While not always necessary, some franchisors prefer franchisees who have previous business or management experience, particularly in the relevant industry.
  3. Good credit: Many franchisors will require that franchisees have a good credit history, as this can be an indication of financial responsibility and stability.
  4. Commitment to the brand: Franchisees must be willing to adhere to the franchisor's standards and operating procedures, as these are essential to maintaining the brand's integrity and reputation.
  5. Legal compliance: Franchisees must comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including those related to employment, taxation, and health and safety.
  1. Initial Discovery Call - A call with the team to answer a few questions and see if Ninja Parc might be a suitable fit.
  2. Confidentiality Agreement - Complete and receive our franchise information pack.
  3. Deeper Dive - Video call interview, discuss the business model and how we can succeed together.
  4. Application - Complete the franchise qualification form.
  5. Final interview - to approve your application.
  6. Territory Deposit - to reserve your preferred territory for 30days whilst we work through agreements.
  7. 14-day Disclosure - Once we receive your company information, we can send over your franchise agreements/disclosure documents. This 14-days is so that you can read through the agreements, ask questions and receive advice. This is required under the franchise code of conduct so we cannot speed up this timeline.
  8. Secure Territory - After the 14 days are completed, we send out your final agreement copy via docusign for completion. Once signed you are officially part of the Ninja Parc family!
  9. Property - The Property team are now your main contact point and work with you to find a suitable location to lease.
  10. Project Kick-Off  - Once a lease is signed, the project management teamwork with you on all elements including build management and your official onboarding training to bring your dream to life.
  11. Presale - Marketing develop a presale plan to open with a minimum goal of 150 enrolments by open day.
  12. Open Day! Celebrate, this is day one in your new lifestyle and running your business. Our team will be here cheering you on and working with you moving forward so we can help you be as successful as possible.

Becoming a Ninja Parc franchisee offers several advantages, including:

  • Established brand: Franchisees can benefit from the established brand recognition and reputation of Ninja Parc.
  • Support and guidance: Ninja Parc offers training and ongoing support to help franchisees operate their businesses effectively.
  • Access to resources: Franchisees can access resources such as marketing materials, operational systems, and purchasing power that may not be available to independent businesses.
  • Reduced risk: Franchisees can benefit from Ninja Parc‘s experience and expertise, which can help to reduce the risk of failure.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’ve created three franchise models to choose from. Allowing you to find something that suits both your financial and operational needs. Each model includes:

  • an obstacle course
  • class spaces and amenities
  • a capacity range of 40 – 100
The starting capital for all models is an estimate only and will be impacted by factors like location, site choice and added extras
  • 300sqm
    • This model is perfect for those who love the Ninja Parc concept but aren’t ready to take on the financial or operational requirements of a larger site.
  • 600sqm
    • This model is perfect for those wanting a full-service centre with a little less operational requirement.
  • 1200sqm
    • This model delivers the ULTIMATE Ninja Parc experience. Perfect for those wanting a little extra challenge and excitement.

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