Fitness Franchise in South Australia

Ninja Parc is a place to play! As one of the largest fitness franchises in South Australia, it attracts hundreds of thousands of individuals and families.

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If you are a fitness professional looking to step up your career, you might be checking out fitness franchises for sale in SA. What if you could buy into a franchise that puts fun, family and fitness all under one roof, with a unique proposition that sets you apart?

Is Your Next Career Move In A Gym Franchise In South Australia?

So, you’re looking into purchasing a fitness franchise in South Australia. You’re already on a savvy track since fitness is an extremely consistent market that people will always care about and spend money on. As an investment, you’ll want to find a business that offers plenty of opportunities for return; a typical gym will make its money from memberships and the occasional classes, but these usually cater to a smaller age demographic. If you want to maximize your returns while still investing in something that’s healthy for your community, why not choose to bring a fitness business franchise to South Australia that offers fun, unconventional, and flexible activities to families and people of all ages? Read More

The Most Flexible & Family-Friendly Gym Business for Sale in South Australia?

Ninja Parc isn’t your average gym; each indoor centre comes equipped with over 20 different obstacles courses designed to provide a holistic workout that trains your strength, endurance, cardio, balance, coordination, and confidence. It offers a fun play area for kids as well as serious parkour courses for teens and adults. Ninja Parc also hosts great birthday parties, corporate events, and even sells merchandise that will have parents raising the most adorable ninjas out there. In other words, a Ninja Parc indoor centre makes revenue from single events, ongoing classes, food sales, and merchandise, and it caters to customers of almost any age!

Start your Fitness Franchise in South Australia With Plenty of Support & Guidance

If you’re interested in the investment side of owning a franchise but put off by the logistics, we understand; there’s a lot of stressful little details concerning everything from training to health and safety to marketing involved in the running of a successful location. Thankfully, you won’t need to oversee any of these if you don’t want to!

You see, being a part of Ninja Parc means being under the care of the Belgravia Group, which is the country’s biggest private business group of health and leisure companies. That means having access to plenty of support whenever you need it. If you’re worried about training your employees to be Ninja Parc coordinators, we’re happy to help with that; if you’re stressing over marketing your newly opened location, we take care of that; and if you’re not even quite sure where to situate your Ninja Parc centre in the first place, we’re here for that too. Beyond the initial opening, we also handle continuous logistics such as payroll. That means that your huge investment in a kids fitness franchise doesn’t need to feel like a huge time commitment.

Healthy & Highly Applicable

Ninja Parc provides activities and training for several age groups, mostly split into preschool, primary school, high school, and adult age. Each age group has access to the appropriate equipment and courses for their safety and health, and kids have plenty of fun while also developing physical skills and confidence that they’ll retain for years to come.

For instance, kids in the Mini Ninjas group, aged 3 to 6, receive plenty of team exercises and games to boost their communication and cooperation skills early on. Meanwhile, kids in the Little Ninjas group, aged 7 to 12, will begin learning all the basics of correctly running, jumping, rolling, and climbing, allowing them to develop the balance and coordination that will make their athletics later in life much easier and more skilled.

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We have successfully help people start running kids franchise in Melbourne, and other major cities such as kids franchise in Brisbane, and kids franchise in Sydney. If purchasing a kids sports franchise sounds like the right investment for you, simply fill in the contact form to download a free booklet with all the starting details. You can also reach us by writing to Read Less

  • Kids and adult casual play passes
  • Kids experiences, including parties, holiday programs and school-based programs
  • Ongoing kids and adult group training memberships
  • Cafe revenue
  • Merchandise revenue


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