Gym For Sale in Sydney

If you are looking for a gym for sale in Sydney, you might be wondering how you can make your offering stand out in a saturated market. With so much focus on health and wellbeing, there seems to be a new gym opening every week – so what can you do to help improve the health of your community? A Ninja Parc franchise is an ideal gym business for sale in Sydney that combines fun and fitness for everyone and could be the answer you are looking for.

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Created in 2016 by John Pirlo, Ninja Parc is an indoor obstacle course that takes inspiration from the American Ninja Warrior TV series and the rising popularity of obstacle course races. In a uniquely accessible format, Ninja Parc is a safe, fun and challenging way to improve the health, fitness and wellbeing of your community.

Ninja Parc – Gym For Sale In Sydney

With more than 20 obstacles that are continuously being researched, changed and adapted, each club offers Casual Play, classes for children and adults, personal training and Parkour lessons, children’s parties and corporate events – so there is an ever-changing line-up of income streams – a solid investment for anyone looking for a fitness business for sale in Sydney. Read More

What Can I Expect From a Ninja Parc Gym Franchise In Sydney?

With a Ninja Parc franchise, you get a gym business for sale within Sydney area, that combines excitement and fitness with multiple income streams – and full support from our team.

Our franchise support team can help you from sourcing the right location, designing the perfect building footprint, making use of our launch team to help with marketing, full safety training for staff, payroll and accounts all taken care of… leaving you to fully enjoy the new lifestyle that a franchise can offer.

Creating a business with a gym franchise in Sydney is easy when you have the backing of the Belgravia Group. With over 100 Belgravia Health and Fitness franchises, including Genesis Health and Fitness and the newly acquired Jump! Swim Schools, the Belgravia Group know how to help franchisees make the most of their investment and increased ROI. The multiple income streams that can be found inside a Ninja Park franchise makes it simple for you to make money – and improve the health and fitness of your community at the same time.

We offer as much (or as little) support as you need, taking charge of safety for your peace of mind, developing new obstacles and implementing outstanding training so that every employee is able to provide the services that you want to offer. We offer additional training to our franchisees so that they can offer our safety training in-house, too.

How many gyms for sale in Sydney cater for so much of the population in an exciting way that really stands out against the crowd?

Ninja Parc Fitness Business For Sale Near Sydney Has Something For Everyone

When we say that Ninja Parc is inclusive, that is exactly what we mean. We combine safety, fun and fitness in a way that makes it accessible for the whole family. Children under 8 must be accompanied on the course by an adult – and that is an ideal way to get parents and guardians to experience the excitement of a ninja playground for themselves.

Casual Play opens the course to everyone for an hour – and those that love it can be transformed into members and then take advantage of fitness classes, kid’s classes and personal training options. Children can make their birthdays memorable with a party, and even the adults can enjoy corporate events that are ideal for team building. So many options for so many people – so speak to us today if you are looking for a gym for sale in Sydney. We'll be happy to provide you all the information you need about our indoor play centre franchise. Read Less

  • Kids and adult casual play passes
  • Kids experiences, including parties, holiday programs and school-based programs
  • Ongoing kids and adult group training memberships
  • Cafe revenue
  • Merchandise revenue


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