Kids Franchise Opportunities in Sydney

Ninja Parc is revolutionising the way kids and adults move.

Our high-energy obstacle-based activities and programs combine fun with physical challenges to inspire kids, families and adults to develop a love for movement. 

As Australia’s largest indoor obstacle course provider, Ninja Parc attracts hundreds of thousands of individuals and families

Along with the many users who regularly enjoy Ninja Parc through casual play passes, Ninja Parc also boasts plenty of fun experiences, like birthday parties and school programs. There’s also a crowd of members who participate in weekly kids and adult group fitness classes. Combined, this equates to an ongoing, consistent source of revenue. 

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What sets Ninja Parc Apart


Multiple income streams 

Unlike other options on the market, Ninja Parc takes a multifaceted approach. Casual options like casual play and kids’ birthday parties make a large proportion of the Ninja Parc model. But then there’s also the ability to convert these regular customers into members who attend weekly kids and adult group fitness classes. 


A unique proposition 

Our mission is to inspire the fun of movement at a time where it’s never been more important for both kids and families as a whole to get up and get active. Kids learn from adults so getting everyone involved is important. Ninja Parc offers exciting activities and programs that engage not only kids and their parents, but also the entire community. 


We take care of business

We look after payroll, accounts and national marketing campaigns, leaving franchisees free to focus on their passion. We want every franchisee to enjoy their business and the new lifestyle it brings. 


We’re there every step of the way 

From sourcing the property to allocating a project team to help in the club launch, we work to ensure every new Ninja Parc club receives the very best start for success. 


Would You Like to Run Your Own Kid Franchise in Sydney?

It is one of the greatest joys to be able to run a business that you know benefits your community and helps kids stay active and healthy. You can end each day feeling good about how your customers have enjoyed a positive and beneficial service supported by staff who are passionate about fitness and wellness. But the opportunities to create such spaces in your community can be a time-consuming and sometimes laborious affair.

That's why some locals may decide to take on a kids franchise in Sydney. This is the perfect opportunity to build on your passion for healthy and positive experiences and a great way to offer kids in the area the chance to engage with ninja playground and fitness in a safe and fun environment. What's more, you will not need to have spent all your time slaving away at spreadsheets or marketing plans, and you can get straight on with the actual running of the business instead.

Start Your Kids Franchise Business in Sydney

As part of the nation's most successful private health and leisure group, Belgravia, we are perfectly positioned to help you set up your kids' franchise business in Sydney. For over 20 years, we have been working with business owners like yourself, all of whom are dedicated, just as we are, to community health and fitness. With our help, you can build a truly engaging and exciting experience for parents and kids alike in the area.

A big part of our support is the methods we have developed through our experiences with franchises all over the country. We start by choosing the most desirable location in your area so that when you are looking for a kids franchise for sale in Sydney, you know it will be in an optimum position with excellent transport links. Next, we ask our dedicated project launch team to put together an exciting package with you so that when the doors open on your launch day, the community will be thrilled to come in! Other services that we support you with include:

  • Help with recruitment and payroll so that you get the best possible staff members in your area and they are set up quickly so they can deliver an excellent service.
  • An accounts team who can set up the processes you need for incoming payments, outgoing bills, or any other financial processes needed to keep your operation work efficiently.
  • Our highly trained network of marketing professionals who will build your brand identity and extend your reach so that everyone knows where you are and why they should be coming through your doors with their kids.

We will also help you by offering new advice on the best activities and events that you can offer. Take a quick browse now through some of our other franchises to see what kind of exercises, equipment and packages they offer and make a mental note of what you might like to offer so that when you take on our kids franchise for sale in Sydney, you have a good idea of what to expect.

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