Kids Sports Franchise

Ninja Parc is revolutionising the way kids and adults move.

Our high-energy obstacle-based activities and programs combine fun with physical challenges to inspire kids, families and adults to develop a love for movement. 

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What sets Ninja Parc Apart


Multiple income streams 

Unlike other options on the market, Ninja Parc takes a multifaceted approach. Casual options like casual play and kids’ birthday parties make a large proportion of the Ninja Parc model. But then there’s also the ability to convert these regular customers into members who attend weekly kids and adult group fitness classes. 


A unique proposition 

Our mission is to inspire the fun of movement at a time where it’s never been more important for both kids and families as a whole to get up and get active. Kids learn from adults so getting everyone involved is important. Ninja Parc offers exciting activities and programs that engage not only kids and their parents, but also the entire community. 


We take care of business

We look after payroll, accounts and national marketing campaigns, leaving franchisees free to focus on their passion. We want every franchisee to enjoy their business and the new lifestyle it brings. 


We’re there every step of the way 

From sourcing the property to allocating a project team to help in the club launch, we work to ensure every new Ninja Parc club receives the very best start for success. 


A Kids Sports Franchise With a Twist

Are you looking for a sports franchise that caters to children as well as adults? Then Ninja Parc is the perfect choice! Set out as an indoor obstacle course, kids as young as 5 are able to jump, swing, climb and run around the premises.

Movement is extremely important for children and there is no better way for them to spend some energy, develop key skills and have lots of fun than exploring our facilities. When searching for a kids sport franchise for sale, there is no opportunity as unique and fulfilling as Ninja Parc.

Children Sport Franchise for Children of All Ages

When you become a Ninja Parc franchisee, you can provide your customers with a comprehensive range of activities including:

Casual Play

One of the most popular sessions at Ninja Parc is casual play whereby visitors have total access to the entire course. Children as young as 8 can go wild without adult supervision, testing their abilities against all of the obstacles.

Mini Ninjas

Designed for those aged 3 to 6, kids are able to develop essential cognitive skills including co-ordination, balance, stability and more as well as mental skills such as problem solving and communication. Unlike other kids sports franchises, Ninja Parc offers a unique opportunity to appeal to pre-school children.

Little Ninjas

Carrying on from Mini Ninjas, children aged 7 to 12 continue to develop their skills, improving their fitness and flexibility as well as their confidence. The introduction of parkour type training enables them to move around the course seamlessly like a true ninja warrior.

Kids Friendly Sports Franchises for Sale

As you can tell, when you choose to own a Ninja Parc franchise, you receive a children sport franchise that provides you with multiple income streams. Not only can you offer the fantastic sessions mentioned above, but you can also run group events such as birthday parties and school sessions. Offering both ninja and sports sessions with a range of activities, your customers are guaranteed to return time and time again.

We understand the pressure that can come with starting a new franchise but rest assured, we are here every step of the way. We help you to locate a property, allocate a project team for your launch, ensure that your premises adhere to safety standards and more. After your launch, the support continues. We take care of payroll, accounts and national marketing campaigns, leaving you time to focus on what's important; building the best kid sports franchise and enjoying the lifestyle that comes alongside.

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Ninja Parc is much more than a sports franchise. It is the opportunity to be the reason for kids smiles, laughter and enjoyment. It is the opportunity to develop their essential skills. We also provide kids party franchise opportunities. It is the opportunity to take control of your career and enjoy freedom and flexibility. Get in touch to learn more about kids franchise business opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Read Less

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