Top 5 Fitness Things You Didn’t Think Were Possible

In the world of health and fitness, finding the facts can be tricky – and also very interesting. Check out our top five fitness facts you didn’t think were possible.

1. Fitness can help your relationships

Need to build your bond with a certain someone? Ask them to run alongside you. Exercise can help to build relationships, as you are actively creating a shared experience. Not only will you increase your happiness in spending time together, but you’ll also be improving your workout efficiency too.

2. Muscles make 85% of your body heat

Involuntary muscle contractions can account for up to 85% of your body heat. During exercise, blood takes heat from your body’s core and working muscles, and redirects it to your skin. The result? Sweat.

3. You lift less when you’re dehydrated

Low to moderate dehydration (around 3% water loss) can cause a significant loss in workout endurance and power. This means fewer reps, or a decrease in 10 – 20% of your lifting capabilities. Training when you’re dehydrated will not allow you to work at 100%, so make sure you’re refuelled before you begin.

4. You breathe out fat

When we breathe out, we release carbon dioxide – which also includes fat. That said, you still need a calorie deficit for this process to assist in weight loss. Whatever fat is not turned into carbon dioxide is released from bodily fluids, such as sweat.

5. Run in the afternoon and evening for optimal performance

If getting up for a run before the crack of dawn feels like too much trouble, it’s because your bodily functions aren’t ready to perform at their peak. By afternoon or evening, your body temperature has peaked, lung function has improved and your body is ready to tackle your running route.

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