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Beginner’s Bodyweight Circuit

Try this beginner bodyweight circuit:
⚫ 10 x push ups
(To regress, drop to your knees or do your push ups against a wall)
⚫ 10 x bodyweight squats
(Add a jump to progress, but make sure to still focus on depth)
⚫ 10 x inverted rows
(This can be done using a suspension trainer, gymnastics rings or a bar set between chest and belly height. Swap for commandos if you don’t have the equipment)
⚫ 10 x reverse lunges
(Progress to a plyo lunge, focus on both knees coming to 90 degrees)

Complete this circuit five times and you’re done! This workout is great for all ages and can be done at home or at your local Ninja Parc. Don’t forget to warm up with some dynamic stretches before you start and cool down with a full body stretch.