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Five ways to stay motivated when working out at-home

No matter if you’re someone who loves exercising daily, or someone who works out once a week, our routines are all a little distorted right now. When our routines change, so too can our motivation. To help keep your motivation in check, particularly when working out at home, try:

Music: Listening to music is a great, not to mention fast motivator with a number of benefits. It can help elevate your mood, get you moving faster, harder and even longer. Ever found yourself thinking “I’ll keep going until the end of this song” and, before you know it you’ve made it well past that initial song? Thanks to online platforms and subscription services it’s easier than ever to find music or specific playlists to accompany your at-home workouts. Start by searching for your favourite genre. Having a go-to playlist can even help in building a new routine.

Routine: Now that working out in your Ninja Parc club is currently not an option; we’ve got to get creative in building our new routine. Allocate an area in your home where you’ll complete your workouts and write down in your planner, on a post-it note or even a scrap piece of paper the days of the week you’ll exercise and what the exercises will be. Think of it as your weekly timetable. Setting the intention ahead of time takes away the guess work, and the continual repetition is what will help build your new routine.   

Training partner: We’ve all heard that a training partner is great for motivation. You can push each other to make it through your reps and come up with inventive ways to train with the equipment you have on hand. If your partner, a family member or housemate isn’t an option for an at-home training partner why not consider a virtual one? As part of your weekly timetable, list a day and time you and a friend will workout together and Skype, Zoom or FaceTime your way through your workout together.

Invest: Reboot your motivation by investing in an online training platform, like Home Fitness Network. This platform contains 100s of workouts with little to no equipment needed. All you’ve got to do is search through the list and select which workout you want to do. Some of the workouts are even created by Ninja Parc trainers, so a friendly familiar face may even be there on your screen, encouraging you through your workout.

Review your goals: Most of us would have set health and fitness goals at the beginning of the year. Now is a great time to review these. Are they still in line with what you want to achieve? Is there anything you want to add or remove? While our routine has a new look, our goals can still be a focus. Whether it be losing a few kilos or centimetres, or increasing tone or strength, your goals are still achievable – as long as you maintain your commitment.

Using some or all of these tips will help in keeping you motivated to complete your at-home workouts with enthusiasm and reward.