How to combat excessive snacking

How to combat excessive snacking when working from home

Working from home is the now norm for many of us. Sure, it’s a short commute and our work attire is a lot more paired back – all pros, but then there’s also no water cooler conversations or hallway catchups with co-workers to get us through the day. There’s just us and the snacks in the kitchen. If you feel like you’re checking the fridge or pantry almost as often as your inbox, here’s five tips to help you combat excessive snacking.

Keep consistent eating patterns: Your body gets conditioned to be hungry at certain times of the day. By continuing to have your meals at the same times as you would on a day in the office, you’ll keep your hunger levels at bay and be less likely to snack outside your eating schedule.

Drink more water: Make hydration as accessible as possible. Either place a large water bottle or a jug and glass on your desk next to you. Having water front and center will help you stay hydrated while also combating excess snacking – there’s no need to make a visit to the kitchen!

Take a break: Staying confined to your desk or the couch can easily lead to you wandering over to the fridge or pantry with restlessness. Step outside and get some fresh air in your backyard or put on your runners and take a lunch time walk to reinvigorate yourself for the afternoon.

Leave behind the tempting snacks: Having a fridge or pantry full of your favourite indulgent snacks can inevitably lead to your focus drifting toward these instead of the task at hand. The simple solution: when completing your weekly shop, leave the tempting snacks behind. Instead, have healthy snacks like fruits, chopped vegetables and nuts on your list at the ready.

Keep a food journal: Try journaling your weekday meals and snacks for a few weeks. By recording how you feel during the day and your energy levels you may find patterns emerging that you can positively resolve, like that midday coffee that’s giving you an afternoon slump.

By following one or all of these tips you can work to build healthier new working from home patterns that complement your health and fitness goals.

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Photo courtesy: Brodie Vissers from Burst