Ninja Parc Memberships

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Our ninja master has been moving since he was 7 and has not stopped with 10 years experience in gymnastics, 4 years of martial arts, 5 years in the military, 7 years training parkour along with being a qualified rock climbing instructor and being the only qualified parkour instructor in NSW he is as close to a real ninja as we will get!
Years experience in teaching kindy gym, junior gymnastics and parkour has put him in a perfect position to be able to pass on expertise in how to move like a ninja and pass on that love for movement.
If the Parc is too hard he will help you through! And if it’s too easy he always has an almost impossible challenge ready to go.
Come in and try and challenge him


The Ninja Parc is a functional, bodyweight based training course. It tests both mental and physical ability.

Bodyweight exercise is PROVEN TO:

Build lean Muscle, Healthier blood pressure levels, Reduce joint and bone pain, Increases resting metabolic rate, More energy, and Better Sleep.

The Ninja Parc caters to all levels of fitness with the relaxed, fun atmosphere it’s perfect for beginners, And the challenge of the course with its strength and endurance building attributes it is also the perfect place for elite athletes.


The Ninja Parc caters to EVERYBODY.

With dedicated clinics and classes for children of different ages, as well as plenty of free-play session times the Ninja Parc has everything your family needs to get moving together.

YES TOGETHER, the Ninja Parc is one of the few sporting activities where children and parents can get fit together, offering a great chance for your family to bond and get active together.


Ninja Parc Memberships are no lock in. Which means you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice!

If you are interested in finding out more information or would like to ask some questions please give us a call on 02 4926 4488.