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Inspiring messages this International Women’s Day

This international Women’s Day we high five all the amazing women that are part of the Ninja Parc family across Australia, from our site owners and coaches to our littlest members!

We love that ninja is such an inclusive sport and that our locations are filled daily with a great mix of male and female staff and members who are challenged and fulfilled by the obstacles in their own unique ways.


Here are some of our favourite inspirational words from just a few of our fabulous female family members:

“Ninja is the best sport to teach resilience. It doesn’t matter how good you are at the sport you will fall and fail many times over and get right back up and do it again. It shows you that failure is inevitable but also makes the success that much sweeter which is an excellent lesson to take into everyday life. I think this is particularly true for girls as we aren’t encouraged to take as many risks or be as adventurous so doing Ninja you see your strength improve as well as improve your mental fortitude.

“Don’t let anything define you, you get to choose who you are. Society will try and tell you what you can be and what a girl should look like, act like but that doesn’t mean you have to listen. There is nothing better than proving someone’s expectations wrong. Your ability is defined by the work you put in and your passion not your gender so go out there and give it your all and see where your passions can take you.”

– Keziah Furnell, Ninja Warrior contestant (Season 6), Ninja Parc Townsville coach, owner STEM Sisterhood


“When you see a child’s face light up – rosy cheeks, running around, squealing with delight -you get a glimpse of what a joyful and beneficial part of kids’ lives physical activity can be. It’s just a matter of finding the right fit!

“Instead of forcing kids into traditional activities, it’s time to expand our minds and acknowledge that there are so many different ways to get active and move – it’s about finding an activity that suits the personality and interests of the child. Movement should be fun and when it is, it actually becomes a great outlet for children and a benefit to their mental health as well as their physical.”

– Eleni Szemeti, Owner of Ninja Parc Bayswater


“Starting a new activity can seem daunting, it is daunting, especially if that activity is male dominated. But the skills you learn, the connections you make, the overall experiences you gain, are worth every second of that nervousness.”

– Lani Buccella, Ninja Parc Member


“Conquering Ninja Obstacles, especially new ones, makes me feel really powerful and proud of myself, especially when I’ve been struggling to complete them! International Women’s Day means so much to me. It helps me to understand and cherish the incredible achievements that women have accomplished from all around the world! Seeing them do things that I believe I could achieve gives me a positive perspective on life!”

– Bella Atherton, 14-year-old Ninja Parc Member


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