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Keziah Furnell, Ninja Parc’s very own Ninja Warrior

It’s always thrilling when a Ninja Parc team member takes their journey further and hits the #AustralianNinjaWarrior stage!

Penny Falkenhagen from the #TownsvilleBulletin recently chatted with Keziah Furnell.

To say it has been a big year for Keziah Furnell, from Ninja Parc Townsville, is an understatement. The 19-year-old university student has appeared on Season 6 of Ninja Warriors Australia, is No. 1 ranked for the Ninja Challenge League and has qualified for the Australia Ninja Games.

Keziah, who started out initially as a ninja two years ago, said she had only started serious training in the past six months. “If you’d asked me a year ago whether I would go on the show I would have flat out told you ‘no’ but I’ve been working on connecting with ninjas around Australian,” Keziah said.

“I started social media accounts and a producer reached out to me and basically just said ‘why haven’t you applied’?

“When opportunity knocks you kind of just have to take it. I’m a firm believer in going for opportunities so I decided to just go for it.” 

“I was fortunate enough to run the course this year and meet some amazing ninjas and try some cool obstacles. It was incredible, being able to see the obstacles and the atmosphere and just being
around such a high level of ninja and just meeting the amazing people was an incredible opportunity.”

Keziah said she connected with many of the other ninjas on the show and they were now following each other’s progress via social media.

“I’ve met so many people even following on from connecting with them on social media now. There were 15 ninjas on our night”

When she is not tackling the ninja course, Keziah is busy hitting the books studying electrical engineering and IT. When she it not studying or taking on an obstacle course, Keziah
can be found working at Ninja Parc. She said despite her busy schedule, she didn’t feel overwhelmed by her commitments.

”I find I love everything that I do and if you love what you do you never work a day in your life,” she said.

“I absolutely love ninja, I love coming in and seeing the kid who has been trying to get the wall for half an hour and give them the tip that finally helps them get it. They get so excited, I love it so much – helping show kids you cannot only do sport but also be interested in science, you can do whatever you want, I love seeing little kids get excited about those different areas.”

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