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Weird or WOW job? Become our next Ninja Master

Mitchell Bird has gained his title designing dynamic courses for Ninja Parc locations across Australia, and testing out the ropes on hit show Ninja Warrior. Based in Newcastle, NSW, Bird kicked off his career young, running his own martial arts centre at just 17 years old. After running “four or five” of those centres, he delved into personal training at 19.


“I was always into physical fitness and just love that space and love training myself … And then that kind of just evolved into taking higher roles in that space,” he says.

After owning a gym for a period of time, he accepted a role at Ninja Parc.

I always had quite a big interest in things like gymnastics, and callisthenics. And a lot of movement based training … So it was kind of an easy transition for me.”

Bird’s prominence in his field soon led him to be chosen as a course tester on Ninja Warrior.

Testers for the extreme obstacle course are people who can “physically do the course but they might not apply to the show.”

“It’s really how they make sure that the course is tough enough, easy enough and balanced enough so that, you know, at least a decent amount of people can get through it.

“It’s quite fun, you get to play around and see what the experience is like without actually being on the show.”


The role of the Ninja Master is varied, Bird says, “whether that’s creating obstacles or thinking up new programming, new activities, we get quite innovative.”

And he says he “couldn’t create a better job” for himself.

What got me to where I am now is don’t be afraid to take new opportunities and to try new things and to really spend time working out what gets you out of bed in the morning”.

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